Unwind with a Mission: The Great Relish

Broadly smiling while losing my stare into the length of the horizon. Reminiscing every precious memories of our trip into an island. Pictures were vividly flashing through my mind.

Those treasured moment when I, in unison with the crackling laughter of my friends that pervaded the air, with the calmness and the therapeutic smell of the sea, and that dramatic scenery of our first night that perfectly went very well, secretly induced my eyes to tears. And that moment when we sat upon a dried log laid down by the shore which was quite inhabited with reef, and tiny crawling-sea-creatures while enjoying the sight of the dashing lights flickering along the city across the sea as the night successively filled the horizon.

It was the only time when at last I’m free from the nuisance which means finally disentangled with the noisy human-made technology, and most of all, free from the pressures from the city.

It was my first real vacation since I got a job. It was not a good time for my selfish hibernation, though. And each moment of it was all worth to savor.

That peace, that hum of the sea-breeze was a call for meditation.

So, when was the last time that I suited my feet into the warmth that the finest sand could ever emit? When was the last time that I appreciated a swarm of beetles as they humbly flicker or illuminate into the midst of the darkness? When was the last time that I blankly lost my eyes unto the zenith of the starry night?

That brief moment when I was fixing my eyes on the infinite space above was quite a relief. That celestial beauty is just a part of my Creator’s many—beyond comprehension creations. With the meekness of his hands he put everything functional into each places. The fact that I’m just as tiny as a speck before my heavenly Father’s eyes, I felt naked.  I’m a fool to claim the greatest. How could I be the proudest…? How could I be given authority among the many? Even if He could see through my core, whether it is enveloped with greed, or thirsty for possession, or is as worst as almost ungracious. The fact that I’m just as tiny as a speck before my heavenly Father’s eyes, I am disconcerted. I’m a fool to claim the wisest. How could I brag to be wise in the things of this world? But before in His eyes it is foolish…

Here and now, I am thanking God that He gave myself a treat, for that short spare of time I had given a chance to console myself from the stressing realm of reality…and to see God’s amazing glory through his beautifully made creations.


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