With wrong intention…

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The fact that I’m naturally born frugal, I have always enjoyed the freedom to take advantage with my brother’s, mother’s, and even some friends’ quirky bookishness, when it comes to books. When one bought new, I freely borrow. When one exchanged for new, I simply borrow.  Dramatically, I inhabited that kind of life, long ago, for a very long time.

Nevertheless, the time had finally spoken that it’s time for me to end this procrastination and start to buy my own books. So, I have promised myself a treat by buying my own (even one must not promise)—but in one condition—I must read and finish first the 39 books of the old and 27 books of the new testaments in the Bible. Deliberately, for some reason, such as, that I wouldn’t get easily tamed by whatever those other books predispose.

Perhaps, it was really time for me to finally read it entirely, and to get familiar of every prophets and kings, and etc, since I always scored low when it comes to random Bible quizzes, and memory verse.

So, excitedly, I took up my self-imposed challenge right away. I first jumped through the book of Revelation, which I usually heard alarming. Oh! I killed it in just a few nights. It was funny how my face swelled with pride after I had finished it. It appeared to me that it was like I’m holding a weapon; knowledge, one doesn’t know. A secret, that badly need to be revealed; but one doesn’t understand. But what was even funnier was that I’d stopped. I had stopped reading since I realized that it would take so much wisdom to enable one to understand all the books that the Bible consists of.

So there, embarrassingly, I failed to my own self-imposed challenge.

Indeed, it opened a lot of revelations. Brought an impact. Changed views. But sad to say, I was filled with confusions. I even ended up with some unanswered questions, and there were also chapters which left me frightened.

Finally, it was all thanks to the initiated panoramic Bible reading in our church; which I found myself stimulated to reread it, way back, a couple of years ago. Properly, and more patiently.

Upon the process of dissection and identification of the protagonist, antagonist, foil, bivalent, and ambivalent; and in which we dealt with the geographic scenery, dialogue, and etc composition of every story, including the plots or dramatic flow, and episode of the stories; I sloped down into fascination that has induced me to continue reading it myself from what we have started. Anyway, we went first through the book of 1st Chronicles. The dramatic history of the ordained kings, and more specially king David’s—appeared to be amusing to me that I grubbed back to the book which initially simplifies the root of Israel’s first king—the 2 books of Samuel.

Day by day, I excitedly flipping through pages after pages until I reached the book of its 2nd part, and find it all amazing. It was like reading fairy tales and random book stories.

Since then, it turned out to be a part of my chores. From the books of Samuel, I shifted back to the very ancient and beginning—the book of Genesis; until finally I set foot to the very last page of Revelation.

It was just so amazing how my vision has gotten clear and clearer every day; please, excuse me for saying that it was like reading fairy tales, but it was more than that. Day by day was a glimpse of revelation. Revelation of God’s love, might, and glory since the time of creation (Genesis). He literally showed how gracious He is, since Noah’s time until Israelite s’ rebellion (Genesis-Exodus, Judges, 1 Samuel-Nehemiah, and Isaiah-Habakkuk). He firmly holds His promise and stays faithful since Abraham; and to His promised King of all kings and savior (Genesis-John); I also started to dislike Judas when he betrayed Jesus, but everything is as planned (Matthew-John). I also felt for Saul whose name was changed to Paul; how sorry he was once he encountered Jesus, and realized the damages he drastically caused (Acts). I also felt frightened with John the beloved as God revealed to him what it would be on the last days. Most of all, God showed how His mercy flows forever, and how Jesus won the final battle (Revelation). Though one is not pure blooded Israelite, His promise is applicable to anyone who has faith in Jesus the Lord and Savior.

I just heard His story first when I was little, and I missed to grasp over the details.

Indeed, He died for me, but for what? For my salvation? Why salvation?…Those were just some lassie questions until it turned to be voidable.

From out of nowhere—He pulled me out and Him–Himself answered those questions. I could still remember how my heart torn apart through His Spirit’s conviction. Yet, little by little He molded it back, and then I am newly transformed.

Dating back the time I first grappled my Bible to read, I’m just a fool with such a foolish intention—but out of that I became a witness. I have encountered Christ by just reading.

Indeed, His WORD is LIVING!


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