Super Typhoon: the Aftermath

Monday. December 3, this year. Visayas and Mindanao (2 major islands in the Philippines) were shaken by a super typhoon (Pablo) threat, widespread all over news station and even through text messages.

The said typhoon was forecast to be 3x stronger than the preceding typhoon (PAGASA named it Sendong) that had amputated the lives of many, uprooted the houses of thousands, caused millions of damages, orphaned children, killed many, and etc.; that will hit Visayas, and specially Mindanao, anytime the day after.

Tuesday. December 4, this year. The predicted day of grim. Signal #3 was imposed to the locale where I live, and some other near region.


Only God knows what happened————-to me.


December 5, this year. Wednesday. The aftermath. T.V., radio, & etc. were flooded with unpleasant news updates of what were left.

Thank God for the new day. The rays of the light comes from the sun that radiantly shines still fill the earth.

But here is a few of what flared up in my mind.

The aftermath.

It may be a stab of a knife to some of the fortunate, but it’s a spark of joy to most of the less. It might be a day of grim to the rich, and a vast of compensation to make. But it’s a day of intervention to the poor, and I think it paid off, pretty well.

As I watch headlines and news, I wonder how many of you, too, could see things differently, like me. I could still see the joy that illuminated on the faces of the less fortunate victims. As if nothing happened. As if it was just an ordinary day. Even their deficit built houses, which they claimed their home, were struck by the unforgiving rage of storm; their little well-cherished treasures found ruined.

That forbidding day might be cursed by many; but to the poor—they were noticed greatly, and at least, aided by many. Hence, they were given so much attention. They were prioritized. They felt cared. For once in their lifetime they were heard. They were seen. Noticed.

I can’t help thinking that maybe God allow such to happen. To teach the rich. To correct fools. To rescue the poor and let them be heard across the nation. Others were spared only to bless others.

The best thing…The best thing to do now is to trust God. Keep in mind that God is in control. Although, we too, could be consider demerit to the fact that floods, to name one, is just a result of one’s incompetent use of God-given beauty—resources. Even so, God has planned everything. Everything must come to pass, and for whatever purpose it is—only Him could tell. But always remember that you are loved by Him.

Flesh may be cut, resources may be wiped out. Others found dead. Yet, everything on this earth are just passing through… Absolutely, one does not know one’s end. But one must not be shaken if one knows where he is destined.

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sorry I don’t have self-captured photos…


2 thoughts on “Super Typhoon: the Aftermath

  1. It’s always touching and sad to read about natural disasters. Majority of people who are affected by nature’s rage tend to be poor people. And yes, on a closer, I agree with you that these people remain cheerful after all the havoc. I believe it’s all down to faith and hope. Everyday, I pray for philanthropists, government and non-government organisations who bring out their time, energy, and resources to help people affected by such disasters and more. Thanks for your kindness. You’ve a voice worth to be heard.

    1. oh.. 🙂 I’m glad…and yes! keep on praying…that’s the best thing we could do… and oh i think you’re the one who really have a kind heart, rather. and LOL if my writing will considerably be improved (by God’s grace)—then, i would probably focus to write for humanity.

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