When the Word seems dead

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I’m supposed to be reading the book I just—yes borrowed—and fall to conclusion whatever the author tries to impose the moment I’m done with it, hopefully, before this month ends. But my soul would not permit me. An itch intensely insisted to press what have I been struggling, recently.

The last post With wrong intention, keenly uttered how I dramatically finished my panoramic Bible reading, my selfish intention, and how the Holy Spirit worked within me upon thoroughly reading it.

Eventually, I felt like I just faced the danger of tolerating the word; and to the fact that whenever I’m finished with a book—I don’t plead to read it again.

Thereafter, I felt like when I intentionally read some verses—it would not inflict the same view or impact like the last time I read it. It seemed dead to me.

Recently, I was blog-hopping and landed down fire starter’s post about the Holy Spirit and found myself relieved to what have I read. It says there that when the Word of God seems dead, the problem is neither the Word nor the person who is reading it. Maybe I just missed to ask the Holy Spirit for revelation. I find it relieving and so I tried.

But it didn’t work.

Few days after, we have a youth rally in our church which promote character-building, and the like. We first dealt with pride as the subject of our discussion, which was like a big slap on my face! There finally! I realized what was been blinding me all along. I have let pride deluged me immensely to the extent that I see the Word of God dead, even those quoted in exhortations. Admittedly, there were underlying developing attitude that I was struggling with which resulted to my stubbornness, and swelled my face with pride. I was left like that for weeks after weeks. Deliberately, those were just some of the danger from stopping to seek God’s word and His revelation after you have started. <Hebrews 10.26>

Proverbs 19.7 (CEV) If you stop learning you will forget what you already know. The same thing happened to me.

Suddenly, I remembered what Jesus said about the return of an evil spirit found in Luke 11.24-26… Woah! It’s horrible how an evil spirit returns and brings company! Yikes! And so before my last tear fell, I asked for forgiveness. No wonder why I’m in a bad shape those days.

Moving on, I found myself flipping through the pages of the Bible again and reminded how really powerful the Word is! <Hebrews 4.12>… and I’m glad I did. I felt released from the bind of my selfishness.

I also remembered Maranatha which means that “the Lord is coming!” … Yes, the Lord is coming soon, and when He suddenly appears—I don’t want Him to find me in bad shape! I mean, we are now in the last days, and there is probably no time for egotism.

From those last three paragraphs above, I wanted to point out what’s the good thing about admitting that you’ve wrong—you’ll remember things! And it would considerately be learnt lessons.

When we read the Bible and find it dead, maybe we should check our hearts first, pride is just one.

God opposes proud. It grieves the Holy Spirit, and quenches His work in one’s life.

I’m not sure if this worth reading for—but to God be the glory for the victory over my pride!—and the lessons I learnt..


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