That Hasty Havoc

It’s been a month since the aftermath.

Christmas already had filled the air, but seemed swept away from the atmosphere by the unforgivable stench that pervaded the air coming from the dead bodies that were found day by day along the street; inundated, and even along to the sea and its coast of the affected regions. Despite the forbidding stench, I have heard that people from charity foundations, from different churches, and even ordinary people with kind hearts still keep on running to and fro to remote regions where were devastated greatly by the said typhoon for aids assistance, or any of help. Retrieval operations still going on, foreign rescuers even helped; donations are nonstop—but only to survive the day; clueless about tomorrow.

What broke my heart was that drama during a news interview, the fervent residents were left with nothing but sad enumerations of once upon a time’s proudly built edifices which are now hopeless to see from each sites. Yesterday’s pride is now remnants of that one hasty grim. Some regions were isolated due to piled rocks, remains, and etc. Raging flood created trenches, ubiquitously. Number of illnesses was recently reported to be increasing every day. Many young children were found alive but parents were found lifeless. Some are still missing.

According to the natives of that region, that kind of devastation was first time in the history record. They put too much confidence on the mountains surrounding the valleys that were thought to protect them when such calamity will strike; and their huge trees were believed to wall them from the flood. But when Pablo came, for sure, they felt betrayed.

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Well, I do believe that in this face of havoc, you get the crucial point of that calamity’s (hidden) message…that—time will come when we will realize that we cannot trust the things of this world, not wealth, not even our own strength, nor our own knowledge, nor devices…because in just a matter of seconds everything will come to an end…Only God’s protection will last.


My heart melted to hear the survivors’ answers when asked what did they do just to survive…

Almost, all of them said, “I was praying”


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