She’s a lady

She tints her cheeks with nice rouge.

She color her hair and lips scarlet full.

She dresses herself in expensive coat, and dance her feet in pairs of shoes.


She’s a lady

She winks at the mirror when she sees her face flicker.

She glances at the mirror to see if someone is watching her.


She’s a lady

She jump to a man, then to the another

And wait for another to come.


She’s just a lady

She thought that what makes her happy.

From time to time, she deludes herself to temporary high.


She’s just a lady

She’s fooling herself to think this vanity will make her feel pretty.


Someone must tell her that her hair looks great in brunette.

Someone must tell her how beautiful she really is.

Someone must tell her that piece by piece her loving Father in heaven knitted her carefully, fearfully, and wonderfully.


She’s a lady

A man would think she’s someone to die for.

But she’s a lady

The King of all kings died for.





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