Undiscovered Hero

Remote. Long dilapidated less traveled road which is sometimes isolated, sometimes insulated, where no one loves to travel, and sometimes one even curses the road. You’re lucky if the site has an available power or electricity, but most of the time there is none.

Perhaps, this is your destiny, if you’re too unfortunate not to be employed in the big industries in the city; with complete medical facilities, and complete paraphernalia  for emergency cases.

You see, you finished this field of study with a goal to land in the big foundation, one day. Well, the fact that ” you don’t know anyone” in the industry, you’ll end up to a place I mentioned above.

A place where oftentimes is forgotten. And is mostly, last place in the list to intervene. A place where diverse people with real need for intervention usually overlooked. A place where the face of dirt and soil, or whatever they could get in the body of the sea-water is the only way to survive the day. No work. No food. No pain. No gain.

Electricity isn’t common, and so the internet, nor television. You have to drive extra mile just to send and, or check emails. You have to walk another mile to see what’s going on in the real world outside.

But hey! This is now the reality; you work extra effort everyday, only to be paid lesser than what you really deserve. You request medicines or medical assistance under health offices or to anyone with authority, only to be rejected at the end of the day.

But you love your job anyway. For you, it’s hard to deny the fact, how it melts your heart to see less fortunate receive help from your own hands. Their respect, smiles, and “thank you” are your greatest reward.

It’s not that you’re unhappy, or mostly sad. It’s just your eyes are open to sad realities; which many are blinded.

You see, you become the voice of the unheeded; the bridge to bring good health to the family of which are less valued and less accommodated.

You see, you become the hands of God to extends His love and grace; sometimes in small, or humble ways.

You become a servant not of leaders, nor kings, but of people, truly, in need.

Therefor, that credits you a hero, undiscovered.


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