3 Days of Grace (1st Part)

It was a call of obedience but to me it was a surprise!

Recently, one of our church’s youth leader was given a vision to initiate a prayer and fasting activity for the youth in our church. Upon hearing it, I could imagine how my world just torn apart in front of me—I mean I don’t think if I could ever do it, but I don’t wan’t to miss it, either. And it’s hard to file a 3 days leave at work, nowadays, seriously.

Another thing was that the said activity is not very common for the group to do, we never did this like for decade, and as a group. Well, maybe, some did, but not all, specially me.

As the days flipped by, closer to the date specially preserved for this event, even though none of us confessed, I could sense that most of us were singing the same song—the song of sadness and fear at the back of our mind. We fear we might get a hole in our stomach, a big one! Fear, some might collapse, fear some, or I, might hallucinate, and  2 pages list of more intuitions and dramas.

Yet, despite the wave of doubts, unfortunate scenes, and unexpected hindrances that occurred, by God’s grace, the group was able to meet the said event. It was when the world was busy trick or treating when finally it was initiated.

1st day.

Goal: Seek God’s revelation

Setting: in our church, open windows

Aside to the smell of the sauteed garlic and onion pervaded the air that triggered my subconscious to hullucinate; God’s first revelation to me was even more depressing. Found in the book of Proverbs 21.2, 5, 30, and 31, that deals about decision making or future plans. To be honest, it caused my heart to melt in despair—that I was really and  greatly burdened down. I felt my hopes vanished, dreams shattered; and in account to that, I closed my mind at once, and stopped reading, sobbed, and fell asleep, and while the others continued their sweet quiet time with God.

So, why was so the drama? Because these below were the things I have been planning long before.

*To be a missionary

*To resign my current job after this prayer and fasting

*To be employed in government organisation and be assigned in the community

Eventually, during our group sharing, God’s revelation to my dear fellow youth were full of promises. Somehow, those words spoke to me. Someone shared Jeremiah 29.11.

So, here’s the thing—God’s Word slapped my face at first, but at the end just before the sun set—He still faithfully comforted me with His such beautiful words full of promises—that He has plans for me, not to harm me, but to prosper and give me hope in the future, and so to you!


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