Refuge in the eye of the storm

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It’s really depressing to witness each striking recurrences that shattered my nation–months or weeks, then after. Frequent calamities have been phenomenal that pounded many cities after cities; starting from that dreadful war in Zamboanga City, Mindanao (August), followed by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and about 4-6 magnitude aftershocks that blasted Visayas region (October) and ripped to pieces its tourist attraction and trademarks, specially the centuries-old churches in Cebu, and split apart Chocolate hills in Bohol. Recently, which really broke my heart was the sweeping and crushing of super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), this November, just before everyone could recover from those previous tragic devastation.

The aftermath of the super unforgivable typhoon Yolanda was mind-blowing, it majority hit again Visayas region, worst was in Tacloban City. It has melted everyone’s heart even across the nation with gracious hearts  who were rendering their empathy, and handful merciful responses. It’s really overwhelming to see relief and rescues back-and-forth. So, in behalf of my humble nation, Philippines, how could I ever thank you! But we greatly do appreciate the donations, sympathies and prayers that we received from overseas—nationwide, specially from you. And like you, I also wish to help those survivors in terms of financial and material aides. But then, the best thing I could do now is to kneel down my heart, submit to the power of prayer and pray, and claim God’s faithful promises.

From this point are several encouraging verses that give hope regarding worries, fear, wars and threat of wars and calamities, etc. that I’m claiming, and which I hope you’ll pray together with me, too. (Matthew 18.19)

Honestly, in the other part of my mind says that is there really hope? How those victims will start over again? But in spite of this pessimism, I strongly have faith that in the midst of this God-gap, damnation, karma, tribulation, judgement, “Jesus is coming!” or whatever you call that kind of devastation–the sovereign God could still hear us, see us, feel us, because He is calmly looking down from His home above—as calmly as the sun at noon or clouds in the heat of harvest season (Isaiah 18.4).


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