3 Days of Grace (2nd Part)

*This post is the continuation of 3 Days of grace (1st Part). You may read the 1st link before pressing on, thanks!


2nd day.

Goal: Spiritual gifts

Setting: in our church, closed windows.

Moving on, I believe that this is what everybody’s greatly hoping for. Spiritual gifts.

That second day was breath-taking, I mean literally! I could hear my stomach grumbling, then I started craving for sandwich, then burger, and sweets, and every flavor of Mister Donut–you name it! Then, coffee. Auggh! It was a total craving madness. But still, God’s grace prevailed. I could say that by that time we were really depending on God’s strength alone. That fact that when I am weak, my God is strong–was really my confidence at that time (and every time of my life). You see, I could imagine how a little shake could cause my feet to stumble that time, just a little push, then, for sure I’ll stumble upon. But I was holding even tighter to God’s promise in 2 Corinthians 12.10, and he faithfully fulfilled it.

Later on that day, at the peak of our praises and worships, as we cried out our hearts, in tongues, and all… I could feel, by faith, how the Holy Spirit slowly took the burdens in my heart—Oh God! I cannot put it in words—how it felt when I was singing in Spirit, that was after I prophesied, yes! By the leading of the Holy Spirit I prophesied… and I could hear His small, yet, sweet voice talking to me, saying, “I’m happy.”

Amazingly, I felt like every wounds in my heart healed. Every ounce of hatred, fear, and bitterness melted. It felt like I just grasped a bit of heaven. It was like a heaven on earth experience; that joy, that melody—I mean it was just so beautiful. My heart was dancing in joy, while I’m singing in spirit. I’m aware, but it was hard to believe, until I was told that I was really singing in tongue. As a matter of fact, I have never been singing, because when I do, the strings deliberately just jerk itself, I’m simply out of tune, and they knew it! But at that moment, they said that I sounded like it wasn’t me…in fact, it wasn’t really me, for it was God’s Spirit working in action.


I do believe that it wasn’t due to severe¬†starvation, by faith it was God’s Spirit.

Anyway, since the song was in tongue that clearly nailed in my heart, 2 days after, I think God was trying to reveal to me what was it mean.

See it here

3rd Day.

Goal: Resolutions, All glory and praises be back to God!

Setting: in our church

And so we did!




I really thank God for that extraordinary experience. And I’m looking forward for His more beautiful and sad¬†revelations.


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