But they never kissed

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There is this art that with fervency I have mastered. By means of countless arrows and a bow, sharply locked to the unfortunate whom I have desired has never faltered.

Amidst the copious counts of humans I keenly find two to bond themselves together. Tamed with what they have called “attraction” which by rule starts with two glances, and coupled with small talks, and finally end it with a ravenous collision of both doors through their souls, though painful, yet, ached (by all). The more they are opposite the more they will attract. Then, I will banish in success, never leave traces.

I have never known pity; I take pride on by bedeviling it. Neither this game owns me nor do I own it for it is “I am” and all of my glory. I am anywhere with the absence of the light looking for the target. All I deemed potential, no one is exempted.

It was humid and soon dark will fill the sky, then, there is this man who is patiently waiting for his bus but, nature doesn’t seem to know Ace or even Jack, with pure innocence or subtlety it (or she) opened its vast window and rain fell down. Poor man, I bet he didn’t pray to his gods. But oh! For one minute there I thought heavens had forsaken him, yet, came a woman who rushed to him, and shared something that was made of fabric that somehow made them both a little arid.

Not long they walked to a nearby shade; the man smiled and uttered a thank you that has won a smile back from the woman. As if on timing, or for the man’s sake perhaps, the man accidentally brushed the back of his hands against the woman’s that sent an undeniably uncomfortable sensation that somehow resembled saccharine. It was something that is unlikely to happen but this unfathomable phenomenon has built a connection between them. And oh! I must take my aim. Oh wait… I must wait a little longer.

Triggered by common sense, they ended up inside a coffee shop where it lacks character but, both decided it was fine than stay wet outside. They talked about anything that would come up, hobbies, maybe, or about their jobs. The woman find this man awkwardly funny just like his thick glasses seated on the brink of his nose. Bad choice of clothing, yet he is gentle, though. Whereas, this man find this woman sensually attractive but her mental deficiency kills it, though. She seems thoughtless when she speaks. Yet, the man thought that’s what makes her funny but she’s utterly sweet, though. Funny humans. They are opposite and they attract.

The uncomprehend sensation grew with an undeniable vigor that evoked them both of something shameful that they would wish to lurk it somewhere within their system. I was thinking esophagus. And it’s a shame that it’s unbearable that it would insist they should do it! This is it! Humans are predictable.

But oh! It seemed that they cannot keep their sane any longer. Soon, they have decided to, maybe, at once part. But in split seconds of the time, just before the woman stood, the man called, and laid his eyes tenderly to the woman’s soul when their eyes met. The scene has kept me still like I was paralyzed. I cannot quite decipher what’s stopping them both, but by nature it’s vigor that seemed to mock me and my glory. It has its own set of rules that I couldn’t manage. What are they thinking! At once, they should do it! The man’s gaze of valor has weakened me, and the woman’s unshakable temperance has left me in vain. As I see fire raging through their cores—I’m screaming for it. I’m aiming to fire but I felt dejected. These humans’ unbearable acts have won my respect. It is their nature that told me to stop.

So, I, the cupid would never dare to hit them for what a strong force they have both that resisted the lust of their flesh, many have ached. For what this man and this woman called “love” should be incorporated enable to do that. So they happily parted. Never kissed nor they touch.


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