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This is for the oppressed. The captive.The blind. The broken. The sick. The hopeless. The lonely. The hungry. The lost.

You are free. You can see. You are healed. There is hope. You are filled. You are found. You are loved.

There is God. He is Jesus. He see you. And by see, it means that He see your heart, He see your pain, your shame, your guilt, your scarcity, your needs, your thirst, your stains, your cries, your loneliness, your doubts, your fears, your worries.

He see you unlike how we see others with their weaknesses, their pride, their ill idiosyncrasies, and their selfish desires. He see you like how He saw the blind, the sick people, the crooks, the Samaritan woman, the bleeding woman. And He reached out. And He is reaching out.


“He doesn’t let her shrink back into the crowd, he calls her out. Jesus healed her. Jesus finds her. Like Peter we often failed to see her. Jesus is determined to see her.”



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