Substance K, Baby


I crave that numbing sh*ts and all of that calming f*ck,

or maybe that euphoric state that uncontrollable manic,

that transpires you into some sort of sexual maniac.


So, give me that one good shot

a 50 mg, intramuscular, maybe

Or a 200 mg shot in the buttock

Or a 3 mg/kg intravenous, oh, I would love that!


Just don’t overdose me

induced ego-death might be too much

It’s quite shameful engraving that

on top of my decaying tomb

I might as well end me, and voluntarily

send my soul to doom.


NDE after overdosing K fascinates me

that reminds me of an astral body

You’re one with the universe, they say

Meet your higher self, perhaps

Or take form into some quantum mechanics and fused with larger forces


Other says you’ll enjoy some mental flashbacks

that would be unfortunate if you had that repressed memories of childhood neglect or rejection, yes, too bad.


Some experienced that classical psychedelics

of unfathomable distorted shapes and breathing sounds

mystical entity, or some sort of orgasmic-inducing figures

or some actual mandalas

Some even said they reached nirvana


But I fear I might end up with that pitch-black tunnel,

a gateway to eternal hell.

Imagine yourself dancing with those tormented soul

Screaming in agony, heightened senses, pained right to the bone


Perhaps, I would be lucky

If I’ll stumble upon that golden light or energy

That would tell me, “It’s not your time yet, go back.”


This one might be funny for those whose eye sees organic only

I mean what’s the point of your life?

After you die you just end up in your preatomic life?

Or let me see how you see it yourself

And I might give you some sort of that Sympath


I’m quite fascinated with that oriental or Egyptian perspective of the dead

You get to that higher planes or world

And be some sort of transcendental spirit

that’s way more cliche than to what I was used to know.


But I was bound to believe

a narrow path that leads you to heaven and meet your Creator

or a wide road that sends you to eternal flame,

there’s nothing in between.


But what I really needed is a good amount of K

that induces controlled mental delirium

and forms delusional mental constructions

that disorient you from the reality,

perhaps makes you own the reality.

At least, for once, escape from reality.


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