Substance K, Baby

I crave that numbing sh*ts and all of that calming f*ck, or maybe that euphoric state that uncontrollable manic, that transpires you into some sort of sexual maniac.   So, give me that one good shot a 50 mg, intramuscular, maybe Or a 200 mg shot in the buttock Or a 3 mg/kg intravenous, oh, I would … More Substance K, Baby

A Case

Instantaneously, her self shift into a face unbeknownst to herself in which her consciousness is lost into a vacuity, placidly, a poignant of misery that’s  visible to the eyes of none. To ignorant  it’s just a facade, the truth is she’s frozen in time, a prisoner of her own mind. Such strange phenomenon  by which … More A Case

si narcissi

Instantaneously she’d gone, placidly in a vacuity, or in a state of chasm. There she lurk, perturbed whenever her heart throbbed, rack Time had taught her to master it… Henceforth she’d back whose heart now iconoclast Too captious in your every act Denies her own frailty that’s how everyone would pay “it’s your fault.” She’d … More si narcissi


It’s been a tale of her folks’ song ‘She’ll never live long’ ‘She’s predictable…’ ‘She’ll die soon.’ Not too long she created a world of her own There she lurks, happy with her own played song. There she’s a queen or heroine She fly high, free from chain Little did she knew She can never … More Phantasmagoria

she’s a paradox

she’s radical she don’t settle for mediocrity she’s complex she abhor simplicity she’s wild she’s everything extraordinary but she lives in a box walled and locked because that’s how people perceived her and she had enough she’s a paradox one ought to discover


Once too proud, yet, too idle. Aloft with pride, but conceited. Singing my own song, I fly alone. I fix my own fragmented stone. I build my own fancy wall. Hey, I am strong! One day, my crown and glory was taken away from me. I was left naked. Devastated. Then reality crept in, I … More amour-propre