This is for the oppressed. The captive.The blind. The broken. The sick. The hopeless. The lonely. The hungry. The lost. You are free. You can see. You are healed. There is hope. You are filled. You are found. You are loved. There is God. He is Jesus. He see you. And by see, it means … More Overlooked

The Screwtape Letters (first letter): what hit me…

Dear readers, I think i’ve learned some things… As humans, our natural functioning/activity such as eating, sleeping, etc. were sometimes the enemy’s bait to keep us from thinking a train of thoughts, realization, or convictions especially when it’s all about the purpose of our existence. Facile might it seems but the enemy sometimes, too, work … More The Screwtape Letters (first letter): what hit me…

Refuge in the eye of the storm

It’s really depressing to witness each striking recurrences that shattered my nation–months or weeks, then after. Frequent calamities have been phenomenal that pounded many cities after cities; starting from that dreadful war in Zamboanga City, Mindanao (August), followed by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and about 4-6 magnitude aftershocks that blasted Visayas region (October) and ripped to … More Refuge in the eye of the storm


So, umh…along my long journey, I stumbled upon a book which currently is my “happy pill.” Promptly, I’d stopped just to write this at once! The idea of “God-box” (but I would like to rephrase it, “Putting God in a box” to make it more epic) by Beverly and Lori (great authors of the book) … More God-box