The Tritanope (morose and blues)

hues of gray, pinks, reds, and the absence of blues… you’ve learned blue dresses the deepest oceans, and the colossal sky at days before the sun takes off and leave traces of orange just before black takes over. … More The Tritanope (morose and blues)


A Case

Instantaneously, her self shift into a face unbeknownst to herself in which her consciousness is lost into a vacuity, placidly, a poignant of misery that’s  visible to the eyes of none. To ignorant  it’s just a facade, the truth is she’s frozen in time, a prisoner of her own mind. Such strange phenomenon  by which … More A Case

si narcissi

Instantaneously she’d gone, placidly in a vacuity, or in a state of chasm. There she lurk, perturbed whenever her heart throbbed, rack Time had taught her to master it… Henceforth she’d back whose heart now iconoclast Too captious in your every act Denies her own frailty that’s how everyone would pay “it’s your fault.” She’d … More si narcissi

locked in vacuity

That crippling kind of phenomenon where one’s senses were locked up in a vacuous has led me to void. It was like I have lost my sense of sight in an instant; lost the patience to try to listen, understand, and shed tears to whom I have encountered with. I was too preoccupied with my … More locked in vacuity

she’s a paradox

she’s radical she don’t settle for mediocrity she’s complex she abhor simplicity she’s wild she’s everything extraordinary but she lives in a box walled and locked because that’s how people perceived her and she had enough she’s a paradox one ought to discover

The feeble diary

meet the feeble rain or shine he walketh extra mile to reach this shelter he longs for intervention only to find out we’re lack of medication. “I’m sorry for this misfortune,” I said. “It broke my heart,” he said. “Oh! this corruption!,” I heard someone mumbled.

Undiscovered Hero

Remote. Long dilapidated less traveled road which is sometimes isolated, sometimes insulated, where no one loves to travel, and sometimes one even curses the road. You’re lucky if the site has an available power or electricity, but most of the time there is none. Perhaps, this is your destiny, if you’re too unfortunate not to … More Undiscovered Hero

That Hasty Havoc

It’s been a month since the aftermath. Christmas already had filled the air, but seemed swept away from the atmosphere by the unforgivable stench that pervaded the air coming from the dead bodies that were found day by day along the street; inundated, and even along to the sea and its coast of the affected … More That Hasty Havoc