Substance K, Baby

I crave that numbing sh*ts and all of that calming f*ck, or maybe that euphoric state that uncontrollable manic, that transpires you into some sort of sexual maniac   So, give me that one good shot a 50 mg, intramuscular, maybe Or a 200 mg shot in the buttock Or a 3 mg/kg intravenous, oh, … More Substance K, Baby

Manny Polly Thor and the Sycophant

Oh, now you are too predictable—like how your auto-pilot smirk escapes on your face when you thought you have won over your self-imposed paralogy. You yourself is a charmer, a banter…irrefutable, and by which your face swell with its glory. I have maintained sagacity to master your convoluted self-absorb pharisaical principles. You can call me … More Manny Polly Thor and the Sycophant


It’s been a tale of her folks’ song ‘She’ll never live long’ ‘She’s predictable…’ ‘She’ll die soon.’ Not too long she created a world of her own There she lurks, happy with her own played song. There she’s a queen or heroine She fly high, free from chain Little did she knew She can never … More Phantasmagoria