Manny Polly Thor and the Sycophant

Oh, now you are too predictable—like how your auto-pilot smirk escapes on your face when you thought you have won over your self-imposed paralogy. You yourself is a charmer, a banter…irrefutable, and by which your face swell with its glory. I have maintained sagacity to master your convoluted self-absorb pharisaical principles. You can call me … More Manny Polly Thor and the Sycophant

si narcissi

Instantaneously she’d gone, placidly in a vacuity, or in a state of chasm. There she lurk, perturbed whenever her heart throbbed, rack Time had taught her to master it… Henceforth she’d back whose heart now iconoclast Too captious in your every act Denies her own frailty that’s how everyone would pay “it’s your fault.” She’d … More si narcissi