The Tritanope (morose and blues)

hues of gray, pinks, reds, and the absence of blues… you’ve learned blue dresses the deepest oceans, and the colossal sky at days before the sun takes off and leave traces of orange just before black takes over. … More The Tritanope (morose and blues)


locked in vacuity

That crippling kind of phenomenon where one’s senses were locked up in a vacuous has led me to void. It was like I have lost my sense of sight in an instant; lost the patience to try to listen, understand, and shed tears to whom I have encountered with. I was too preoccupied with my … More locked in vacuity

she’s a paradox

she’s radical she don’t settle for mediocrity she’s complex she abhor simplicity she’s wild she’s everything extraordinary but she lives in a box walled and locked because that’s how people perceived her and she had enough she’s a paradox one ought to discover