A Case

Instantaneously, her self shift into a face unbeknownst to herself in which her consciousness is lost into a vacuity, placidly, a poignant of misery that’s  visible to the eyes of none. To ignorant  it’s just a facade, the truth is she’s frozen in time, a prisoner of her own mind. Such strange phenomenon  by which … More A Case

locked in vacuity

That crippling kind of phenomenon where one’s senses were locked up in a vacuous has led me to void. It was like I have lost my sense of sight in an instant; lost the patience to try to listen, understand, and shed tears to whom I have encountered with. I was too preoccupied with my … More locked in vacuity


She’s a lady She tints her cheeks with nice rouge. She color her hair and lips scarlet full. She dresses herself in expensive coat, and dance her feet in pairs of shoes.   She’s a lady She winks at the mirror when she sees her face flicker. She glances at the mirror to see if … More She


Once too proud, yet, too idle. Aloft with pride, but conceited. Singing my own song, I fly alone. I fix my own fragmented stone. I build my own fancy wall. Hey, I am strong! One day, my crown and glory was taken away from me. I was left naked. Devastated. Then reality crept in, I … More amour-propre