The Author

I wasn’t born scribbler,

yet I asked for it…

I don’t have wild imaginations,

somehow, I could see things beyond superficial.

I’m not an outrageous writer…

In fact, I only write a piece…

I could patiently waste my time out on papers,

I’m used to it since I was little…

But once I’m Spiritually-filled,

it goes out a flare in my heart—singing,

and I burst out in rage writing.

There you go…a piece of a hidden gem, unveiled.



4 thoughts on “The Author

    1. oh hi there! thanks for dropping by and for leaving me a comment here 🙂 Lol that sounds a credit to my blog…but i fear i might not meet your expectation haha.! God bless!

    1. oh hi there judikruis 😀 pls to meet you, too! and welcome to my blog… thank you for such encouraging words 😀 and yeah, i’m praying for that, too. and i’m hoping that one day i could go to wherever God’s leading me to. 😀

      God bless you and your missions 😀

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